Nexalin® Treatment Centers

The Future of Brain-Based Health

Mark White Explains


Mark White is President and CEO of Nexalin Technology

Below is an excerpt from Mark White's interview for CBS in Cleveland

at the opening of Cleveland’s second Nexalin Treatment Center.

What is this therapy and how does it work?

[Mark White] Nexalin is a cranial stimulator. When we talk about brain-based health, we’re focusing on the health of the brain; in other words, normalizing the brain. When we talk about Nexalin, we’re talking about a frequency generator. It talks to the brain. It resets the brain like you reset your computer at home. You can reset areas of your brain associated with Anxiety, depression, and Insomnia and all of the other mood and attention disorders etc.

And our brain is our own body’s computer?

[Mark White] It’s a super processor, exactly. It works through electrical and chemical systems, and what we’re doing is basically using a drug-free treatment solution here. You either reduce or eliminate your medications depending on what your doctor says. It’s a 40-minute treatment, 10 to 20 sessions over a two- to four-week period. You don’t feel anything. You sit in a chair and relax. Most patients sleep. What Nexalin is doing is resetting areas of the brain that are associated with the chemical imbalances related to the Depression, Anxiety, and/or Insomnia, if you’re not sleeping well. Nexalin is a great way to do that. It also helps to get you off the medication associated with sleeping disorders.

Should Nexalin be considered by someone suffering from Depression or Anxiety?

[Mark White] Absolutely, the theory is before we start on the medication road, why not see if your body has the ability to correct itself and to stabilize itself. Start with Nexalin, and if for some reason there’s an issue left, then we can start exploring medications.

When you see these commercials that basically try to combat Depression and Anxiety, the list of side effects is longer than the actual positive benefits. Are there any side effects here?

[Mark White] No adverse side effects. In fact, any side effects are all positive. There are no serious side effects. And it’s effective. It truly works.

Now is this FDA cleared?

[Mark White] Absolutely, yes. This type of technology has been around for decades. It’s really coming to the US. It's somewhat new in this country. Essentially, we're stimulating the body’s ability to regulate and normalize itself, and when you normalize these structures of the brain, symptoms like anxiety and depression eliminate themselves without introducing medications and without having any uncomfortable side effects or dependency issues.